Paula and Amelia's Story

Paula Smith gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Amelia, on 19th September 2011. Due to complications, Amelia was moved to NICU - it was during Amelia's stay that Paula came up with a new idea to bring comfort to her baby girl.

Countless parents will understand the helplessness that Paula felt, only able to sit by her baby and watch her sleep, when every instinct was to comfort her.

"...She had to have a cannula in her hand, and a rather large bandage to keep it in place, as well as a feeding tube in her nose." Paula explains. "When I first saw her with all the tubes and machines attached, my gut instinct was to pick her up and run away. My precious baby was so poorly and there was nothing I could do to fix her."

Paula continues "It was while I was watching Amelia sleeping that I realised how scary it all looked. The baby grow she had on was only done up to her chest and the arm of the baby-grow was flopped by the side of her, as the sleeves weren't big enough to cover the bandage. I thought, with a few adjustments and some simple poppers placed along the top of the sleeves, a new design of baby-grow, specifically created for babies in special care units, would make life so much easier, not only for parents, but for nursing staff too."

Returning home from the hospital, Paula asked her dear friend Alison Wright (creator of Rosie Boo Reusable nappies) if she would help bring to life a few of her design ideas for baby-grows for the local hospital. Alison came up with the final design: the new Pop 'n' Grow baby-grow!

Amelia is now a happy, healthy rambunctious toddler. Paula, along with the many volunteers who support Pop 'N' Grow, now dedicates her time to ensuring that no other parent re-lives her experience of not being able to clothe their precious child.