Pop 'N' Grow Clothing

Our clothing is unique to us, and allows your child to be dressed around the wires, tubes or lines they may need during their stay in hospital. Our concept, is based on the principle that a parent can feel the emotional and physical attachment to their unique and wonderful baby with the simple action of dressing.

All of our clothing is made not just with our own neonatal and hospital experience’s in mind; but with the knowledge and cooperation of NHS staff, who advise us regularly of equipment updates and changes to needs. Meaning we are always able to keep adjusting to changing hospital settings and technologies.

A Pop N Grow neonatal safe, soft cotton incubator Twinkle Star Vest can be fully opened into one joined piece of fabric; allowing a baby to be placed on top and for the vest to be fastened up around small fragile bodies without any interference to the equipment giving life preserving aid.

Vests are available in a unisex star design (pictured) in Sizes 1-3lb and 2-4lb. Our Pop N Grow Twinkle Star Hats are soft cotton and match our little incubator vest , perfect for the most delicate and tiny precious heads.

All of the poppers used in our products are nickel free; all fabric and dyes are EU safe and made right here in England!

Our Pop N Grow Twinkle Star sleep suits and rompers have been designed with cleverly placed nickel free poppers, allowing for a child to be dressed around single or multiple cannula’s and drips.

The sleepsuits have a special designed ‘mitten’ style foot which allow for oxygen saturation monitors etc to be worn. Our romper suits allow for foot cannulation without disturbance to any of the equipment a baby may need. Our wonderful romper suits open entirely and allow a baby to be placed on top and done up around them.

Both suits have a side front opening meaning no interference to delicate belly buttons.

Sleep suits and rompers come in sizes 2-3lbs/ 3-4lbs/ 4-5lbs/ 5-6lb and Newborn.

We offer larger sizes from newborn upwards for children needing hospital admission or long term care which requires medical access to equipment.