Our Patron - Joel Pott

There are times when a song touches you so deeply, so profoundly and is so relevant to your situation that it joins the realms of the unforgettable, ceases to remain a song and instead becomes an anthem.

For us here at Pop ‘N’ Grow that song is ‘Wires’ by Athlete.

Written by the bands guitarist and vocalist Joel Pott, the song tells of the anguish, hope, desperation that comes when your child is in hospital. This incredible song was written by Joel after his daughter was born too soon and spent time in Neonatal Intensive Care.

Although the song is now over 7 years old it still resonates with people who have been through similar experiences and Joel has received countless letters and e-mails over the years from people saying how much 'Wires' has meant to them.

It is therefore an unbelievable honour to have Joel Pott as Pop ‘N’ Grows new Patron.

If you haven't already heard the song then we would encourage you to search for it; we dare you not to cry!

After hearing about the work and vision behind Pop 'N' Grow, Joel was keen to offer his support and was delighted when he was asked to become patron of the charity.

"Having experienced, first-hand, the trauma of seeing our baby in intensive care I think the work of Pop 'N' Grow is invaluable. I am so impressed that the Pop ‘N’ Grow team saw a need and then found a simple but brilliant solution to it. The goal of supplying specialist clothing free of charge, to every NICU/SCBU in the UK is achievable with your help."

Joel Pott, Singer, Songwriter, Musician

You can find more about Joel and the band on their website: www.athlete.mu/band/