Fundraising Ideas

Thank you for your interest in helping raise money for Pop ‘N’ Grow.

We’re often asked ‘What’s the best thing for me to do in order to raise funds for you?’ and unfortunately there’s no single answer to that. What we do have is a range of suggestions for things other people have/are doing to raise money.

Morning/Afternoon Tea

Find a venue (or get one donated to you for the event) and get busy in the kitchen baking up a storm! Cups of tea and slices of cake are always a hit! How many could you sell in a morning, or afternoon? Sell a few stalls to eager crafters and you have a readymade craft and cake event!

Craft Fayre

Crafters are EVERYWHERE and the lure of handmade goodies is enough to send most of us into a spending frenzy! Use sites like StallFinder and your local Facebook selling group (just search your suburb name and ‘sale’ or ‘sell’ on Facebook) to find local crafters who will pay good money to attend your event. Approach locations in busy locations and ask them to donate all or part of the venue hire for free then charge your stall holders to sell their wares and the public a small fee to enter £0.50p is usual. Extra money can be made through beverage and food sales at the event.TIP: Always make sure your location is busy, central, easy to get to and has a LOT of parking!

Sausage Sizzle/BBQ

Nothing says summer like the sizzle of a sausage on the BBQ! It’s a known fact that few people are able to resist the lure of the scent of grilled onions and a tasty sausage…so use that to your advantage. Host a ‘Sausage Sizzle’ BBQ event and grill up some tasty donations for Pop ‘N’ Grow!

What a Smartie Idea

Now to accomplish his you may be forced to eat copious quantities of Smarties. Tragic, we know. However, issuing friends and family with an empty Smartie tube and asking them to fill it with 20p, 50pm or £1 coins is a fun and unique way of raising money. Not keen on eating the Smarties to begin with? Empty them into a large jar and charge people to guess the number of Smarties in the jar. Smarties, is there anything they can’t do?

Supermarket Schlep

Your local supermarket is probably very willing to let you run a bag packing event over a day or weekend. Just grab some keen (and spatially aware) friends and man the ends of the tills. A cheery ‘May I pack your shopping for a donation to Pop ‘N’ Grow to help premature babies and sick children’ is rarely met with a ‘No’.

Cake Stall

Is there anything more satisfying than sinking your teeth into a delicious slice of expertly baked cake? Most people will happily hand over cash to enjoy a sweet morsel. So…drag out your baking pans, don your apron and get baking! Check with your local authority to see if there are any restrictions on selling baked goods in your area before setting up a stall.

Spoil a Good Walk with a Golf Competition!

If you can arrange to get the course for free then this can be a HUGE money spinner. Find your nearest golf aficionado and ask them to help you host a competition event. Tap into the competitive spirit of those attending and approach local businesses for prizes for the longest drives, nearest the pin etc. Golfers pay an entry/green fee and you provide the donated prizes.


From wildlife photographs and gorgeous babies in tu-tu’s to Calendar Girls getting their kit off for a cause the annual calendar for charity is a winner. If you have the willing participants and the skill then the only thing stopping you is…well…nothing!

5-A-Side Football Tournaments

Sporty types LOVE the opportunity to show off their skills on the football field, so get the word out and organise as many teams as you can to get together and run a competition. Your local football club may be able to do donate amenities; charge the teams to enter and let the sweaty good fun commence!

Plant Sale

Spring has sprung! That means that gardeners everywhere are donning their wellies and gardening gloves and heading out to do battle in their tamed wilderness. Raise money by raising seeds, fast sprouting plants like salad vegetables and herbs are always popular and the lure of home raised versus commercially raised cannot be undersold!

Book Sale

Do you have a library of ancient tomes just longing for new owners? Most people have a lot of books that they’d happily donate to charity to free up space. Ask friends and family to donate theirs and then hold a book sale to raise money for Pop ‘N’ Grow. Team the book sale with a cake & coffee stall and you’re on a winner!

Car Boot Sales

Downsize! Simplify! Spring clean and sell your trash for donation treasure at your local car boot sale! Give yourself the sales edge by advertising that the proceeds of your sales go to Pop ‘N’ Grow.

Fun Run/Marathon

There is nothing new about this idea, but it’s a classic because it works. People will happily pay you to run a marathon for a good cause; so tap into the spirit of generosity and limber up for that pavement pounding!

Coffee Mornings

Find a venue and host a coffee morning. The lure of a coffee and a chat is hard to resist. Add cake and you’ve basically made attending mandatory!

Pub Quiz

Rope in your local to host a Pub Quizz for Pop ‘N’ Grow! Designate the amount of teams the event will have and make sure you promote it for at least a month before you aim to host it! A team charge of £10 is pretty standard for these events, make sure you prepare your questions carefully – there’s some very sneaky Pub Quizz pro’s out there, ready to descend on the underprepared!

Charity Ball

Who can resist the opportunity to done their glad rags and dress up for a cause? Hosting a charity ball can be heavy work, but it’s worth it. Contact local businesses for raffle prizes, talk a venue into contributing the location for nothing, ask a caterer to contribute to the night and you have an evening of fundraising heaven. Dinner, dancing and dressing up!

Bad Taste Day

Great for University students and workplaces! Everyone must wear something that’s in very bad taste; they can be sponsored to stay in the hideous attire all day. Refuse to play? Pay a fine!

Themed Events

There are many days in the year you can ‘hang’ your fundraising efforts on:

  • Burns Night Suppers
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter Egg Hunts
  • Pancake Day Races
  • St George’s Day
  • St David’s Day
  • Christmas Fairs
  • Bonfire Night
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • St Andrew’s Day
  • Halloween etc!

We hope to hear from you soon about your upcoming event!